ADVENTURE (strong)

ADVENTURE (strong)

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Watch out! This cleanse is reserved for people who already have experience in cleansing and at those who have mastered the subject. It is very green and very detoxifying!

Our adventure cleanse, more intense and bitter, will allow the most seasoned to purge themselves in depth.
Full of nutrients, it has been designed to maximize the alkalizing and detoxifying benefits of green juices.

Each day of cleanse includes 12x250ml :


Attention: Orders for our cleanses are placed in 3-day increments. If you wish to make a longer cleanse, you will have to recommend, and schedule the delivery for the evening of your third day.

To maximize its benefits, the juice cure is not done on a whim. She is preparing mentally and physically. Here are our little tips that you might find useful:

  1. Check your calendar and block a date ! Certain events, certain outings, could ruin your juice treatment (dinner with friends, parties, weekends, sporting event, etc.). Better to choose a calm moment, you will be mentally more serene (e).
  2. Prepare your body, and alkalize it as much as possible, the week before your treatment:
  • Hydrate yourself! Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day, herbal teas, infusions, is the best way to prepare for the cure. These speed up the renewal of your body's cells, which boosts your body's blood flow and healthy exchanges, cleanses your skin, and keeps your brain on the go.
    The best is to drink filtered water (with charcoal or ceramic beads for example) and drink it at room temperature.
  • Cut down on caffeine and tobacco (the stimulants) as much as possible.
    A healthy body is a body in acid-base balance. Unfortunately, coffee is acidic, and this acidity weakens the body. Plus it dehydrates you. Replacing it with green or white tea, or herbal teas, would be ideal. But we know how much you can be attached to it. Do your best to reduce it as much as possible.
    The cigarette is very harmful for your whole body, it intoxicates all your cells. So why don't you use the time of your cure as an opportunity to cut down or quit smoking? The Juice cure, and Juices, are often indicated as an aid to quitting smoking. Do your best to smoke as little as possible. It's not easy, but you can do it!
  • Limit fatty, sugary and refined foods low in micronutrients. During this period of preparation for your treatment, avoid as much as possible consuming junk food, industrial foods (ready meals, sauces, cookies, etc.), chocolate, softs, alcohol, meat * , farmed fish, wheat, dairy products, ...
    Increase nutrient dense foods that are richer in micronutrients (essential for the proper functioning of your body). Dishes should be homemade with organic vegetables and fruits, spices, seeds, legumes and oilseeds, whole grains, vegetable drinks and organic fish for non-vegetarians.
    If you're aiming for perfection: 75-80% of your diet should be raw, whole foods.

* Excess meat results in high levels of uric, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids, strong acids that are difficult to remove. Prefer legumes (beans, chickpeas, broad beans, lentils, ...).

  • Eat smaller portions than usual. Your meals should be light. You can introduce soups, salads, smoothies, sushi, ...
  • Ventilate yourself and incorporate regular exercise into your routine. If you are athletic, continue your training as usual and, if possible, exercise outdoors. If you don’t play sports, allow yourself some time in the fresh air and take deep breaths. One hour of walking per day, if possible in nature, will do you the greatest good!

We know how great, before a deprivation, the temptation to eat a burger with fries (and a good dose of mayonnaise yay!) Is great. Yes, it is very human. We assure you, for having tested it, that it will make your cure more difficult. Prefer to postpone this temptation to one week after stopping the treatment. Yes it is cruel! We know, we know! But it's for your own good, you'll thank us later.

You will receive 10 Juices and 2 Mylk of 250 ml per day. This is the equivalent of 10 to 12 kilograms of fruits and vegetables per day. Here are our tips for a more effective cure:

  • Lemon juice in the morning, a ritual!
    Squeeze half a lemon, or use our THE BRIDE Juice, and dilute it in lukewarm water, and drink it before the others, to start your day.
    Do not hesitate to keep this routine after the treatment. Its purpose is to start digestion, it strengthens the immune system, and boosts the body. You will quickly feel its benefits.
  • Drink a juice every 1 to 2 hours.
    PIMSIE gives you an order on your treatment order page, but you don't have to follow it at all. You decide which juice to drink based on your need at the time.
    If you are a novice, a little lost between all these bottles, no stress, here are two or three tips to help you choose your order:
    - As you read above, THE BRIDE on an empty stomach would be perfect to give you that little kick that will help you start your day.
    - Note that green and red juices are slightly sweet and more consistent, yellow juices and orange juices are lighter and sweeter.
    - Mylks are generally eaten in the evening, 2 hours before bedtime. They are kind of the little greedy reward, and most importantly they help you fall asleep.
    Even if you're not hungry, when it's time to drink your next juice, try drinking it. Being regular will help keep you from going hungry!
  • Take the time to drink your juices slowly, and if possible, chew them!
    Yes, that sounds weird. But drinking slowly, while chewing, causes salivation, which triggers digestive enzymes, which allow them to digest better, which will allow better absorption of nutrients in the stomach and intestines.
  • In addition to the three liters of fresh Juice and Mylk, you should drink at least two liters of water (to be combined with herbal tea or infusions) per day. This advice aims to help your lymphatic system drain and detoxify your organs. If you don't like water, you can add lemon juice, mint leaves or cucumber slices to it.
  • You might experience MCN syndrome (“Must Chew Now!” Translates to “I have to chew now!”), Which makes you feel hungry.. If you suffer from this syndrome during the treatment, ask yourself if you are really hungry, or if it is just the urge to chew. If you need to chew, you can bite into an ice cube, or just wait for it to pass. It's a little challenge! If, on the other hand, it's a real hunger, go for it! But, for a healthy, raw, organic food (carrots, an avocado with a little lemon, peas, a stalk of celery, a dozen nuts, ...), and do not feel guilty, your cure will not be. ruined so far.
  • Brush your body dry! Dry exfoliating promotes circulation, stimulates your lymphatic system, which will mobilize better and detoxify your body better.
    Brush your body with a brush made of natural bristles by making circular movements, always in the direction of the heart ! Start with the feet, then the calves, thighs, buttocks, back, stomach, hands, then arms, and bust. Avoid the throat, face and sensitive areas. Then go in the shower! Finish your shower with a minute of cold water to stimulate your blood circulation even better (from head to toe).
    The icing on the cake, oil your body with sesame or coconut oil. You will tell us the news.
  • Sweat! Sweating is the most effective way for your body to flush out toxins.
    But keep in mind that this is in "energy saving" mode, so it would be quite natural to reduce your exercise routine.
    If you're feeling weak or unfamiliar with sports, take a walk, brisk walk, stretch, do some yoga, go to the sauna, or jump rope.
    If you are an athlete and you feel fit to do your CrossFit session, go for it! The important thing is to listen to your body!
  • Relax and plan for full nights! The treatment is a special time, the ideal time to meditate, stretch, rest, sleep well and take naps, take deep breaths. Let your body and mind relax.
  • Congratulate yourself every day! Juicing isn't always easy, but remember that you are feeding your body about 10 to 12 pounds of vegetables and fruit per day. It’s a massive supply of super nutrients that nature gives you. After two or three days you should feel a sense of well-being that will last until the end of your treatment. Allow yourself to fully experience these feelings of fullness.
    You are doing a lot of good for your body and your mind!

Your digestive system being at rest during your treatment, it is important to resume a solid diet gently.

We advise you, during the first days after treatment, to continue to eat healthy, alkaline and light. To consume a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, oilseeds, lean meats and fish, to eat more in the form of smoothies, soups, salads, and to have light meals, if possible homemade. Avoid industrial products.

Now is also the time, if you think you have food intolerances, to add certain foods one by one (milk, soy, wheat, nuts, wine, etc.). You may be able to identify the food triggering your reactions yourself.

Fresh (not pasteurized, not HPP) - No added sugar or preservatives.
Contains nuts and celery.
Our cleanses, after reception, can be kept 4 days in the refrigerator (between 0° and 4°).