Your health, our planet and its nature, are at the heart of the concerns of PIMSIE . This is why it is crucial for us that the following values are honored:

Short circuits, local products, fair trade : We have chosen to squeeze fruits and vegetables from organic, sustainable and 80% local agriculture. Citrus fruits and almonds, which do not grow in Belgium, are purchased in Europ. We hope to be able to reduce the circuits again soon.

Organic: Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and spices, are all certified to be 100% organic and ultra fresh.
Local and organic sourcing not only guarantees the freshest and tastiest product, but also supports the environment (fewer kilometers traveled), and our neighboring communities.

Zero-waste, compost, and recovery : Our suppliers do not use unnecessary packaging. Fruits and vegetables are processed with respect, in their entirety. We have chosen to bottle in glass bottles, which we collect and wash. The production residue (dehydrated fibers) is collected and reused by our farmers.