Impeccable quality : particularly attentive to raw materials, Jus & Mylks are made with organic fruits and vegetables, ultra-fresh, pressed daily with a latest generation hydraulic press, which best preserves vitamins and mineral salts. Juices & Mylks are 100% natural. Let us count at least 10 to 12 kilos of fruits and vegetables per day of cure!

Freshness : our fruits and vegetables are selected ultra-fresh and are cold pressed daily!

Taste : Juices like you've never tasted! The alliance of the press technique, which extracts a juice of exceptional quality, with original, healthy, balanced, gourmet recipes, gives the benefit that the tastes of our juices are very different from those of the trade, they are clearly more developed and flourished. In addition, since we do not process our juices, neither by cold nor by heat, so that they retain their benefits as much as possible, this is also tasty.

Sustainable development : solidarity, precaution, participation, and responsibility, are principles that PIMSIE want to respect, to strive for a more sustainable society.

Transparency : PIMSIE isn't there just to sell you Juice. PIMSIE is also here to provide you with easy solutions, to help you improve your health, and meet your body's essential needs. Because each juice is incomparable, because the idea of cures is still a great mystery for many, you will find a lot of explanations in our very extensive FAQ.