Excellent Juice is Juice that converts fruits and vegetables from a solid to a liquid form, without taking away their beneficial properties.
The important thing in this metamorphosis is that these fruits and vegetables are not, at any time, heated or exposed to the air, which would result in a significant loss of nutrients.
Centrifugal juicers and blenders, by producing a certain heat, and by exposing food to air, destroy the vitamins and nutrients in your food. The juice obtained is no longer of great nutritional value.

The "Cold pressed" method is a slow extraction method that generates no heat and protects the juice from the air.
By its technique, it increases the yield, the quality of the juice, and its shelf life.
The extracted juice is alive: dense in nutrients (enzymes, minerals and vitamins), rich in color, and with a unique taste. In addition, it is low in fiber, which allows easy assimilation of its nutrients.


Our "Cold Pressed" juices are cold extracts with the X1 press from Goodnature, the Rolls-Royce of the juice market! It allows to take five times more nutrients than conventional juice extractors, it presses the food so hard that the pulp is almost dry and produces no heat (the enemy of micro-nutrients).

The fresh fruits and vegetables are ground in the masticator, then pressed slowly with the hydraulic press, which separates the pulp from the fibers and filters this precious juice.

The result is a rich juice, packed with vitamins and other nutrients! And it tastes!

Yes, all of our Juices & Mylks are made with 100% organic and fresh ingredients (fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices). This choice is deliberate because it is better :

For your health : Organic products are 30 to 40% more dense in nutrients than others.
For your safety : During a one-day cleanse, you drink an average of 10 to 12 kilograms of fruits, vegetables and nuts. It's a lot ! It was therefore essential for us to offer you products guaranteed without GMOs, pesticides and chemicals. In addition, the cleanse is made to eliminate precisely this kind of toxins from your body.
For our planet : The philosophy of organic food production respects the earth and the living. It takes care to maintain biodiversity, ecological balance, sustainability, the natural fertilization of plants, it fights naturally against pests, and works to protect soil integrity. This is what drives us.

Yes, in order to offer you all the benefits of our fruits and vegetables, we freshly squeeze our Juices & Mylks, bottle them, and deliver them to you the same day! They contain no preservatives, they have not undergone pasteurization or HPP * treatment.
They are 100% natural, and keep their qualities for 4 days in the refrigerator.

* High Pressure Processing: high pressure treatment intended to prolong the shelf life of food products.

We will never consider pasteurization or the HPP method because these treatments are contrary to our values and our goal of ensuring that we provide you with the most nutrient-rich juices.

Pasteurization (or sterilization) heats the juice to a high temperature, which destroys bacteria, but also micro-nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and living enzymes are eliminated. It is unthinkable for us to offer you an “empty” drink or one in which vitamins have been added, such as those offered on the market.

The HPP treatment (High Pressure Processing) is the new technology that promises to extend the shelf life of foods "while retaining the nutrients, and therefore the benefits, of the foods contained in the Juices". Most cold pressed juices are HPP today. Plastic bottles are loaded into a chamber that fills with water and subjects them to high pressure, which kills at least 99.999% of living microbes, and extends shelf life by 20 to 45 days. Glass is incompatible with this method because it will break under high pressure. Its two main advantages are: a safer product (by destroying bacteria) and which can be kept longer, which facilitates logistics (easier to store, transport, etc.).

While it is true that the HPP method is much less degrading than pasteurization, because it heats the product less, in reality no serious study has been done on the actual destruction and loss of nutrients. Some American studies have calculated that this HPP method retains 87-100% of nutrients and only 20-60% of enzymes. But these tests were carried out the day of bottling. These figures therefore do not take into account the natural degradation due to the storage time (20 to 45 days) which follows the treatment.

Knowing this, can we really qualify a HPP Juice as “Fresh”, “Natural” or “Unprocessed”, a liquid that has been processed, and which can be kept for 1 month?

Our juices, because they are fresh and bottled in glass, guarantee superior quality. Better taste and the assurance of more vitamins and minerals, we are convinced.

In Belgium, 91% of fruit juices are made from a concentrate elongated with water. In our opinion, these are sterile juices that have lost all their benefits! The difference between our juices and those of the store lies in:

  • The best-to-worst production technique: “Cold Pressed” Juices, 100% pure Juices and smoothies from Juice Bar, 100% pure Juices and smoothies from the store, Juices from concentrate, nectars, drinks with the taste of fruit, flavored water (diagram)
  • The means of extraction: press, extractor, centrifuge, blender, mixer
  • The means of preservation (if there is one): refrigeration, freezing, HPP, pascalisation, flash pasteurization, pasteurization, sterilization, ...
  • The packaging: glass, veganbottle (100% biodegradable ... in 10 to 20 years!), RPET, PET, traditional plastic

Beyond the technique, will not the real quality be the one that takes into account :

  • Your health: are the raw materials ORGANIC? GMO? Does this Juice contain real nutrients, or is it "empty"? Does it contain added sugar? Added vitamins?
  • Our planet: every plastic container emits nanoparticles… So where will this plastic bottle end up? Have these apples used been over-treated with pesticides? How did my juice travel? What do we do with waste? Are they reintegrated into the recycling circuit?
  • Human: Has the producer been paid the right price? Does the company treat its employees well?

In addition to pressing fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, artisanally, on the best press, we do not process our juices, and we do not add sugar, which means that our juice is rich in easily assimilated nutrients. The icing on the cake, we are eco-responsible: We buy from a wholesaler who favors local producers, we bottle in glass, recover your bottles for reuse, and our vegetable waste is recovered and recycled..

Impeccable quality, your health, that of the planet, and of our producers, and employees, is a constant concern for us. And that’s what makes the difference for us.

Each bottle of 250 ml of our Juice, contains 500 grams to 1 kilo of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, which come from wholesalers in direct cooperation with producers and growers. They are pressed, and bottled, by hand, in glass bottles.
Moreover when we collect your bottles, we wash them, and we give you € 1 per bottle returned. If you buy a box of 6 Juices, you get 6 € back. When you order a 3-day cure, you will get back 36 €!

Glass was immediately obvious. Durable, infinitely reusable, 100% healthy, it is a noble packaging and of much better quality than plastic. In addition, it keeps the cold better, which gives an impression of freshness and improves the flavor of our juices!

In addition to being better for your health and ecological, our glass bottles allow us to offer you a deposit which saves you a voucher of € 1 per 250ml bottle!
When you receive your first order of our Juices PIMSIE, you will automatically receive a promo code of € 1 per 250ml bottle by email, to be entered during your next purchase, easy peasy.
Concretely, your advantage is that, if you buy a box of 6 juices and give us your oil changes, you will get a voucher of 6 €. When you order a 3-day cure, you will win back a € 36 voucher!
During this time we wash and sterilize your bottles, in order to reuse them for our future orders.
NB: you can also keep our pretty bottles to give them a second life, you don't have to give them to us.

Yes, this settling is normal. High levels of polyphenols and antioxidants can also make your juice yellow or brown. It's a good sign ! This testifies that products PIMSIE are 100% natural, because we don't use any preservatives, and neither do we.
If your juice, which has not been opened, has been in the refrigerator, and is less than 4 days old, you are fine.
Shake the bottle well and enjoy!

Yes, it is completely possible. The juices are made from fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Some variations in taste or color may occur depending on the season and / or weather conditions. Each juice is authentic!

The term "juicing" comes from the United States and means " consume fruits and vegetables in the form of Juice ”.
Juicing allows you to add a large amount of fruits and vegetables, and therefore essential vitamins and minerals, to your diet, by drinking juices in addition to your solid diet. The goal is to have a richer, varied and balanced nutrition.

"Juicing" is often associated with "cleansing" / "cure" which consists of feeding you juice only for 1 to a few days in order to put your body to rest. Kind of like a fast. The "cleansing" is done once or several times a year according to your needs and desires.

Why juincing? Because with the lives we live, let's be honest, it is rather difficult to integrate 5 servings of various fruits and vegetables into our daily life.
Our modern diet, poor in nutrients, is no longer sufficient to have a satisfactory intake.
In Belgium, the consumption of fruits and vegetables falls far short of WHO recommendations. Less than half (47%) of Belgians aged 3 to 64 consume fresh fruit daily, and only 38% fresh vegetables. 9% of the population consumes the recommended amounts of fruit, and 5% consumes the recommended amounts of vegetables. Consumption was unchanged between 2004 and 2014.
(Source: Bel S, Tafforeau J (ed.). Food Consumption Survey 2014-2015. Report 4).

In addition, your needs for vitamins and minerals are above average if: you are athletic, subject to stress, in the third age, if you are pregnant, if you live in pollution, if you smoke, if you are in the middle of growth, if you are on a weight loss diet, in case of infection, chronic disease, if you are undergoing treatment, ...

That is why, we're here to help make a difference! In fact, that's good, that's our goal. Indeed, we have all the right ingredients that will help you have a balanced diet.

Integrating our PIMSIE Juices into your diet “juicing style” is an easy way to boost the dose of fruits and vegetables (500 g to 1 kg per 250 ml) raw, which you need daily. The vitamins and minerals they contain perform essential functions:
In addition to promoting general health and giving you energy, they help improve your cardiovascular health, increase blood flow, boost your immune system, and reduce inflammation. It also reduces the risk of contracting / or fighting against certain chronic diseases.

What you allows you to grow better, age, think, sleep, work, play sports, be happier, less stressed, protect you against diseases, ... Getting healthy is the goal!

As a precaution, we advise people with a fragile immune system (following treatment or in the context of an illness), parents of children in fragile health, and pregnant and breastfeeding women, to ask advice to their doctor before drinking our juices, specifying that they are raw, organic and unprocessed.

If you have medical problems (diabetes, hypertension, cancer,…), or if you are on medication, our organic juices could provide your body with extraordinary benefits! But, we will always advise you to consult your doctor before consuming our Juices, or to be supervised by a doctor; or a nutritionist, before starting one of our cures.
Our juices are raw, organic, unprocessed, this means that, even after very careful cleaning, they could potentially still contain microorganisms. In addition, some of our ingredients (ginger, charcoal,…) could interfere with your treatment.
So get in touch with your doctor, if he agrees under certain conditions, do not hesitate to contact us and give us his comments, we are here to help you, and if necessary to adapt some of our formulas. Know that we do our utmost to have the most irreproachable hygiene possible.
We will never consider the HPP method or the pasteurization of our juices which is contrary to our values and our goal of ensuring that we provide you with the most nutrient-rich juices.

We recommend that you contact your general practitioner or your gynecologist to ask his opinion before consuming our juices, because they are raw, organic and untreated.

In principle, Cold-pressed juices, in addition to a balanced and varied diet, are an excellent way to stock up on vitamins and minerals !

We strongly advise against our juice cures for pregnant and breastfeeding women. During this time in your life, your body needs more energy than usual for you and your baby. Feeding yourself juice only, without any other nutrient input, is really not a good thing to do. You risk not meeting your nutritional needs and those of your baby.

Of course ! If the child is healthy, our Juices and Mylks are a great way to add a healthy dose of fruits, vegetables, and nuts to your daily routine, and are a great alternative to pasteurized, overly sweetened softs and juices that come from the store.

Our cures, which consist in eating only Juices and Mylks without any other nutritional contribution, were developed for adults, from 18 years old. We will not sell our cures to minors.

The ingredients of our Juices & Mylks are always indicated on each of their product sheet, as well as on the label of their bottle. Allergens are shown in bold and are underlined.

You can also consult the list of all our products and allergens
Please note that we work in a workshop where we handle celery and nuts (almonds). If you have a severe allergy to any of our ingredients there is a risk of cross contamination.

At the same time, we guarantee that all our Juices & Mylks are vegan, glutenfree, lactose free, without additives.

Unfortunately, the media repeated this information, without specifying which juices are involved.

Our juices are made from fruits and fresh vegetables (especially dark green vegetables, like spinach or kale) and we NEVER add refined sugar. They are very different from commercial juices, or juices made from fruit exclusively, without vegetables. Our juices contain more nutrients, and are much less sweet.

Little tips: If you want to buy low-sugar juices, you must take into account two parameters:

  • The quality of the juice

The Jus family is huge and very varied. There are some very low quality juices and others that are very high in nutrients. Between a store-bought concentrated and pasteurized fruit juice (no longer all natural, with the addition of refined sugar, therefore empty of nutrients) and an ultra-fresh Cold-pressed juice, untreated, pressed with organic fruits and vegetables, there is a very clear difference.

  • The rate of fruit contained in the juice

Fruits contain a natural sugar, fructose. Naturally, a Juice which contains only fruit, will therefore be richer in sugar and calories, than a Juice composed of fruit and vegetables.
In addition, adding vegetables increases the nutrient content of the juices, which is why it is very interesting to add them. Unfortunately, the majority of store-bought juices are often made entirely from fruit, and they are also often flavored with refined sugar.
If you are looking for Juices that are extremely low in sugar, Green Juices are for you!

Yes, our juices contain very little fiber, and that's why they're great.

We're not saying fiber is bad. They are essential to our body.

But our cures are designed to give your digestive system a rest and therefore release energy so that your body can cleanse itself. A juice cure that contains more fiber will be less effective, because the digestive system must provide energy to work to break down these fibers. Without fiber, our body better assimilates nutrients (enzymes, vitamins, and mineral salts).

Unfortunately not always. Seasonality is important to us, and we are delighted to enjoy the products when nature has decided to offer them to us. But if we were to follow the seasons scrupulously, you would have no choice in winter. So we had to make our own and decide to present you great juices all year round, and others that are typically seasonal.

Yes, Juices & Mylks PIMSIE are guaranteed: cruely free, vegetarian, vegan, vegan, raw food, paleo, gluten-free and lactose-free.

Know that PIMSIE never freezes its Juices & Mylks!
But, if you want to keep them longer, this is an option that does not destroy the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or the flavor of your juices.
Put as quickly as possible in the freezer, the juices can be stored for 6 months without degrading.
Always defrost your food by placing it in the refrigerator, never at room temperature.
NB: Our bottles being glass and filled to the brim, don't forget to remove a little juice before putting them in the freezer.