Hello Juices lovers 👋 !
If I decided to create my Juice brand, PIMSIE, it's not by chance, it's the result of a long road and a few years of reflection. Get in the car, hold on tight to the helm and let yourself be carried away.

I discovered cold pressed juices 12 years ago.
At the time, the practice was quite new, not very widespread, but, my dad's partner, a real fighter, in her fight against breast cancer, was juicing daily, thanks to her Jazzmax, as a complement of course to her medical treatments, but also to feel better. They were full of ginger, ugh! She went into warrior mode.

The first time she made me taste one of her Juices, I was amazed at the taste! Nothing like the orange or apple juice from the supermarket. And that was the spark! Spark that quickly lit the flame 🔥.
I was starting to get interested in cold pressed juices, and discovered that this business was growing and flourishing in the United States.
Quick aside: I grew up in video clubs. I'm a fan of American movies from the 50's to the 90's, I listen to US music 24/7, and our dad invited us to spend a few summers there. I am attracted to everything that is created on this continent. So it was a huge positive point for me that the Juices were making the buzz there.
It was becoming more and more obvious that I needed a Jazzmax! And, surprise, my whole family contributed to give me one for my birthday, one of my greatest gifts. The next day I was already playing the little chemist to test different recipes. From that day on, juices became my daily ray of sunshine 🌈…, and also that of my relatives who kept asking me for more.
It was fun, yes, but, like you maybe, I found it laborious to squeeze all those juices with this small capacity machine.

By chance, at my gym where I was looking to improve my performance, a coach told me about Jusjus, the first cold-pressed juice company in Belgium that had just opened its shop.
The same day, I went to their website, I discovered that they offered cleanses, it was completely new! And I directly ordered my first three-day cleanse.
The evening I received my order, I was so excited, I was stomping around, and wow, I was not disappointed. What a beautiful presentation! And what colors!
The next day I started my cleanse, and, surprise, the tastes were amazing, and then, the feeling of well-being felt was a new and surprising experience. In short, I was hooked!

The years passed and the Juices became indispensable for me. I ended up juggling between my Jazzmax and cleanses at Jusjus, then others, Misuko,...

Later, I did a big burnout and I don't need to tell you the details.  And I came to ask myself the question that everyone who's been through it knows: "What drives me in my life?" ".
It was a long process of reflection. Juices have been in my life for years. Was it possible to live on it? I learned about practices and techniques and analyzed the Belgian market and its growing interest in healthy food. I thought that maybe I could fit in there.
Come on, I am going!
Yes, BUT THEN, I do things differently than my "competitors"! If I open my Juicery, I want to improve on certain points: I don't want plastic, or preservation techniques (no HPP, no pasteurization), I want a beautiful and good product, even more ecological, even healthier, and more ethical.
So, here we are.
I'm inaugurating this blog today with the aim of taking you behind the scenes of PIMSIE. The website has been open for a year and a half, and I'd like to share with you thoughts that revolve around Juices, explain PIMSIE's choices and exchange information.

If you are a PIMSIE customer, I'm glad you're reading this and I hope you'll enjoy learning a bit more. If you landed here because you are interested in Cold Pressed Juices, " Welcome! ".
See you all soon!